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Ontario Liberals Investing in School Repairs


When we set goals, we hit them. And then we set the bar higher. That's what our government has done again and again with education - recognizing that a strong future for Ontario starts when our children have access to high-quality learning environments.

Because the Ontario Liberals are the only party committed to giving our children the best possible start.

We reached our goal of getting high school graduation rates to over 85 percent.

We're gearing up for postsecondary enrolment to climb as we overhaul student financial assistance by making tuition free for tens of thousands of students.

Last year, an additional 90,000 kids started every day with a healthy meal thanks to the Student Nutrition Program that now reaches nearly 850,000 kids across our province.

And students continue to exceed literacy and numeracy standards as we support new teachers, new programs and new schools.

But when it comes to education, we always aim higher.

That's why I announced today that we're adding $1.1 billion to existing funds for the repair and renewal of schools. Over the next two years, we will now invest a total of $2.7 billion in our schools. 

This funding will allow schools to make crucial repairs to plumbing and electrical systems while also improving visible elements like classrooms and playing fields.

Through listening to teachers, parents and children we know how the quality of these spaces affects a child's ability to learn and play.

Our economic plan is making historic investments in Ontario's infrastructure - improving hospitals, roads, schools and transit systems because we all deserve better - especially our children.

We're building Ontario up and delivering on our number one priority - growing the economy and creating good jobs.

And giving students the best possible learning environment is a big part of that.

Thanks for your support,

Mitzie Hunter
Minister of Education
MPP, Scarborough-Guildwood

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